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I can imagine if you’re reading this, you’ve worked hard to establish yourself as a leader. On the surface, what drove your success is a sense of personal fulfillment. Just as important was helping your family find footing. Now that you have both, you can translate your wealth into a life that is even more meaningful to you. I hope the information in this site helps you do just that.

As your high earning years align with the timing of important decisions and behaviors, the choices you make “today” will have a great impact on your “tomorrow.” I help people like you simplify their finances and answer questions such as:

-How do I manage my growing net worth?
-How will I pay for my child’s education?
-Is my employer based insurance enough?
-Do I have too much employer stock?
-Are my investments tax efficient?

Every Tuesday and Thursday I set aside time for any inquiries – just click here to schedule some time for a brief consultation.

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The 5 Step Tax Checklist

A step-by-step checklist to maximizing your retirement dollars!

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