Frank Murillo

I took Finance 101 at home.

The professor?


Consequences for failing?

Well, let’s just say that wasn’t an option. It was a blue collar household and every cent mattered. The lessons were simple but impactful: pay yourself first, save for a rainy day, and above all, respect the work you put in to earn your keep. Those early lessons planted the seed for a career that occurred by pure happenstance. It began as your typical “first job out of college,” but as time went on, I became curious about the relationship people had with their finances.

I noticed there wasn’t always a connection between those that had the means to live a great life, and those who actually did. Some had it all, but most didn’t. Motivated to pursue the career after encouragement from an early client (to whom I’m still thankful for), I truly enjoy helping: helping clients understand, helping clients achieve, and helping clients find comfort through the noise.

Although my office is in beautiful Coral Gables, I live in Hollywood with my wife Melissa and five year old Belgian Shepherd named Charlie. We’re avid travelers, having been to twenty countries, thirty states, and five continents.

On to the fancy part: I’m a Partner and Managing Director at Snowden Lane Partners, an independent RIA headquartered in New York. I joined the firm after almost 10 years with Merrill Lynch, where I was a Senior Portfolio Advisor and International Wealth Advisor. I’m also a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) and a fiduciary.

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